We are Sleeping Gypsy

— a sustainable label, crafting unique dresses with the soul. Our Inspiration comes from the Ukrainian Heritage Vyshyvankas to wich we add a modern twist. Stitched partly by hand, some garments take over 3000 meters of embroidery threads to produce and several days to complete. Our embroidery patterns are made by local artists, each motif tells a story and convey a worldly sentiment, making each garment truly unique. In Slavic culture Vyshyvanka has always had a signficant spiritual meaning and dresses were passed on from mother to daughter. It is traditionally believed to ward off evil and keep the wearer safe from harm.

3000 meters of embroidery threads

36 hours to take care of

6 hands to complete dress

We believe that our world doesn't need more clothes... It needs better clothes. Our craftsmen master Centuries-old dressmaking techniques and use no-waste approach to pattern making. As we grow, our goal is to push harder to create more sustainable fabric options. Today all our garments are made from Local Linens.

Why Linen?
Linen is made from flax, and is one of the best fabrics out there and has been for ages. It is strong, breezy, anti-bacterial, and so gentle to your skin and the planet. Linen uses basically no water, and emits ¼ of the carbon as cotton per pound of fiber. Our linen is made in mills that are Oeko-Tex 100 certified.

Strong, breezy, anti-bacterial, gentle linen

SG Boxes
We use recycled paper to craft the most beautiful boxes for your Vyshyvankas. They are durable for a reason. We incourage you to reuse it after the purchase. You can stock clothes in them and enjoy how great they look in your wardrobe. Also if your purchase is a gift you will not need to spend the time on packaging as we have taken a good care of it.

Reuse boxes after purchase

#SGmuse buys consciously and cares about herself and the planet. She is not afraid to stand out neither in her style nor in her thoughts.