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We are Sleeping Gypsy — a sustainable fashion label, crafting unique dresses with the soul. In a beautiful tsarist-era mansion in the center of Kiev, we create contemporary embroidered blouses and dresses with the use of centuries-old dressmaking techniques. All of our products are manufactured by a small team of artisans whose experience in garment production spans over 20 years.

We create: Embroidered garments with a lifetime guarantee. Our Inspiration comes from the Ukrainian Heritage Vyshyvankas to wich we add a modern twist. Stitched partly by hand, some garments take over 3,000 meters of embroidery threads to produce and several days to complete. We use: Local natural materials (linens) that require minimum transportation. Centuries-old dressmaking techniques. No-waste approach to pattern making. We collaborate: With small craftsmanship communities who keep alive ancient sewing practices.With young Ukrainian artists for our embroidery designs. We believe: That our world doesn’t need more clothes…It needs better clothes.#SGmuse is artistic and adventurous. She buys consciously and cares about herself and the planet. She is not afraid to stand out neither in her style nor in her thoughts. Vyshyvanka is a real piece of art. Try it and it will stick with you throughout the years!


Designer Story

Sleeping Gypsy was founded by Katya Hermann in 2015. A former model, mother and globetrotter, she combines contemporary silhouettes with centuries-old Slavic sewing techniques.

“SG is all about the human. There is a story behind every handmade technique we use. I love ancient clothes and I buy them on flee markets during my travels. Then I deconstruct them to see how they are made. That process fascinates me. There is so much soul into heritage dresses. Sleeping Gypsy was born from my desire to preserve those one-of-a-kind tailoring practices by giving them a new life. I always had the opinion that clothes are more than just a commodity. They are a visual art of self-expression. Even our name comes from a painting: the famous “La Bohémienne endormie” (“The Sleeping Gypsy”) of Henri Rousseau.

At SG we believe that the world doesn’t need more clothes, it needs better clothes. All our garments are made from locally-sourced, natural, materials…by a group of artisans who are deeply in love with what they do. I cannot imagine anybody throwing away our Vyshyvanka or Kimono after a season. With every new collection my aim is to create wearable objects d’art, beach-to-bar looks that will live in the closet forever. Bohemian, sophisticated and feminine.”

Why do we care about sustainable fashion?

Sometimes fabrics have to travel the world around two times so that you could get a five-dollar t-shirt in your local store. Wool that is produced in Australia, go to Italy to be tied, then to Bangladesh to be sown and then to UK stores to be sold. To keep the low prices required by the fast fashion market, workers in Asia are paid salaries that are not suitable for a normal living. We are different.

Our concept is simple – we create clothes in the country native to the material, made by people who put their soul in manufacturing our garments and are paid fare salaries. We use a no-waste approach for pattern-making and support small local craftsmen communities. We use the ancient pattern element “gusset” that allows to  limit inventories. All our garments feature sealed seams, which make them very durable. Like a lifelong durable;)  As opposed to mass-production, Sleeping Gypsy is a proud promoter of slow fashion. We create unique pieces of extraordinary quality that can be passed down from mother to daughter.

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